Arm your sales force with actionable competitive intelligence.

Competitive intelligence. Marketing. Sales. Three vital areas within a firm and rarely are all three in alignment. That’s where Syzygy and CI4Sales comes in. We help companies ensure that vital information and intelligence flows throughout these areas creating alignment that helps you grow your business faster.

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Why Use CI4Sales?

The CI4Sales plugin for brings vital, actionable intelligence about your competition directly to your frontline salesforce.

Close Deals Faster

Quickly present your products’ strengths and value proposition against competitors at the Opportunity level.

Communicate With One Voice

With marketing approved messaging and position at the opportunity level, all reps can speak with the same voice.

Ramp New Reps Faster

You spent time building materials and training new reps. Ensure that the message is available to them quickly while in the field.

Help Your Prospects Decide

Marketing collateral gets the meeting, sales presentations help educate. But prospects often need something to get them to “yes”. CI4Sales Benchmark reports bridge that gap.

Competitive Intelligence on the Front Line

Every day, your salespeople are positioning your company to prospects and selling your value against competitors. Are they saying the right things? Likely, your value propositions, sales messages, and competitive positioning live in training materials or marketing literature that is not easily accessible by sales reps in the heat of the moment. Ask yourself:

When was the last time your reps reviewed their training materials? Are you sure?How long and how many clicks does it take for a rep to find and access competitor data to properly position your firm to a prospect?Can your reps quickly produce a report that positions your products and services in the best light relative to who they’re selling against?
With CI4Sales, all these challenges are solved. CI4Sales brings Competitive Intelligence directly to your frontline salesforce enabling them to deliver a consistent message to your prospects and close deals faster.

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